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Will Steele

Hi! What am I? I’m many things, a writer, director, improviser, one of the foremost authorities on Trance Masks in Britain and a puppeteer to name but a few.
What do I do here? At Space Six I’m your operations manager, otherwise known as chief plate spinner! In effect I take care of day to day tasks and look after our studio holders whilst planning on-going development.
Usually to be seen strolling with some tool or other. I’m a bit of an introvert at times but I’m always happy to meet new people and be involved in interesting things, plus if I’m locked in the admin office it usually means I’m keeping all our paperwork up to date!

Lee Rosher

I'm the office nerd, I've been allowed out of the basement and now operate in and around the floor as your friendly bookings manager!
I do a bit of everything, from designing to directing! Recently I vowed to come out of hiding in the office and work at our new reception desk. If you're looking to book one of our fabulous rehearsal rooms you'll be dealing with me.
I'm also responsible for all of our advertising design and distribution so if you're looking to book some classes at Space Six and need an attractive advert,
I'm your guy! Not forgetting if there's a technical problem, I'll be there to fix it!
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